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I really like Airbnb

I have been using this for about 6 months. I feel like it glitches out every once in a while but if I restart the app then it usually goes back to working. For the most part it is very useful and I am really glad it is available for me to use! Thank you Airbnb!

New design is terrible

Update made the app too complicated, slow, disfunctional.. too many clicks needed to get the information you need. Will manage my listings through the browser now whenever possible. Unfortunately the system there has deteriorated as well. Taken together, Airbnb seems to sacrifice functionality and ease of use merely to have a more beautiful and modern design.

This is the best.

This is the best.


Great app and excellent service. Highly recommend. For best results search for instant book and make sure the place has a good rating.

What is the extra crap?

This is utter nonsense. I dont want or need this extra crap. I just want to find a place for the night. Focus on one thing and do it well. Cut the rest of this crap out.

Poor app experience. Extremely slow

Almost seems like its a website and not a app. Unresponsive at times and slow. How is this a featured app? Unable to book homes

almost killed my self

I came acros this verification thing "You have to be Verified to continue." So i was to verify myself. took photo of my ID. app said - great, your done! then came this thing "You have to be Verified to continue." So i was to verify myself. took photo of my ID. app said - great, your done! imagine my surprise when came this thing "You have to be Verified to continue." So i was to verify myself. took photo of my ID. app said - great, your done! then again "You have to be Verified to continue." So i was to verify myself again. took photo of my ID. app said - great, your done! then came again "You have to be Verified to continue." Now somehow i jumpt 10 stories high on the ledge to say goodbys to all of ya, when browser on Mac oppened and it werified me so i can come back down now. Phuw, that was close...


I tried to book a place for the holidays, after completing all the sign up stuff (which jumped around from app to browser to app to browser) I sent a request to a place. Airbnb sent me a message to verify my identity (which I already did by taking pictures of my drivers license). No matter what I do it wants me to verify again and again and again. BRUTAL.

Update stalled

Update stalled on my iPad. Cant uninstall. App unusable. You guys laid an egg on this one.

Getting worse daily

Latest update still the same. Bloated app with increasingly horrible usability to find places to stay that are now almost always insanely priced. The deals that used to be on here are almost entirely gone, replaced with prices higher than 5 star hotels. Reviews are two way, which results in most people being less than forthcoming about the properties in the pursuit of building a positive online profile, which does no one favors except the company providing this app.

Top booking system

Really uncomplicated system - many thanks :)

Worst update ever

Never have I wished more that I could roll back to a previous version of an app, ever! Crashes constantly, slow to load, trips are missing on my trips page, and the list goes on.... as a world traveler who has used Airbnb every day for the last 365 days, this app has gone from being my favorite app in the AppStore to being my biggest disappointment.

Trust and safety issues

...airbnb used to be higher quality. They dont do anything to assure the safety of listings. The last two times Ive used airbnb I had to cancel and book a hotel due to safety issues such as no lock on the door or a space that turned out to be an unmonitored hostel. Forget about finer safety points like smoke detectors. :(

Love Airbnb but hate the App

The App is not user friendly as a guest or host. Its very convoluted. Why do I have to go to profile to get to my message? Should it be a message button instead of Stats?? Plus, it very slow and i receive 3 notifications for every single message I get...not user friendly at all.

Solid App. Never had any issues

Been using AirBnB for years....Ive never experienced any serious problems.

Game changing product + Stunning design

The new Airbnb is a revolutionary product for trip planning. Unique accommodations, experiences, and places in one app--its the whole grail for traveler lovers. Plus, its all wrapped up in a beautiful design that gets out of the way and lets your wanderlust dream. Bravo of the team!

Loved the app until the most recent update.

Loved the app until the last update. I liked being able to click on the host calendar and see the price for that night underneath as a quick look and make changes quickly. Now you have to click and it brings you to a different page.


Horrible company not worth the uncertainty and hassles

Extremely satisfied

This app has helped me to save money and given me many options of stays all around the world. I definitely recommend it


I love staying at AirBnBs. I dont know what they are doing with this version. Totally confusing.

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