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App Issues

I love Airbnb overall. However, my issue is with the app itself. I never seem to be able to get logged in and continuously get an error message. At one point I was able to log in, however, attempting to search, book or check my reservation details, I got an error message. I’ve deleted, re-downloaded it, logged out, updated, and now I’m getting an error not allowing me log in at all. I’ve had this app for a year now and have never been able to use it. I’ve tried everything as stated, as well as attempting to use it on both data and WiFi. Not sure if I’m the only one having this issue.

How is this app not illegal

Booked an Airbnb in Brooklyn which had lots of great reviews and was relatively affordable. When I arrived it was revealed I was to be sleeping in that random empty space under the stairs many houses have, like where Harry Potter’s muggle family had him sleep. I’m guessing they got away with it because of its location in NYC people thought it was worth the tradeoff. It was too late to find other accommodations at that point but after this horrific I’ve sworn off Airbnb which is in desperate need of a health code and regulations.

Unfair review system

Airbnb isn’t bad for finding a place to stay, but their policy on reviews needs work. I was accused by a host of stealing something in their review of my stay which I did not take. Through further exchanges they did not provide any evidence as to why they thought I stole something and said “sorry to blame you”, but also declined to remove or alter the review. After 48 hours it becomes permanent. Upon contacting Airbnb support about it they said it didn’t violate their rules so they would have to leave it up. Their claim is they want to be about trust and transparency. So the first thing any future potential host will see about me is “he stole something”. They will have to open the review to actually see my response, and even if they see that it’s still their word against mine. Update your policy so that if claims like this are made they actually have to give some evidence since they reviews are so permanent.

Worst experience ever!! DO NOT USE AIRBNB!

Beware! I used Airbnb and was unhappy with the apartment and tried to talk to the host about the cleanliness and the satanic decor but both the host and Airbnb completely disregarded my wishes. So I cancelled the Airbnb and went to a hotel and customer service barely listened to why I cancelled and immediately said they wouldn’t give me my money back! And it wasn’t chump change. The whole company is a huge rip off and scam.

Failed us Terribly at the last minute!

I have yet to hear from the Airbnb as to why they’d canceled my reservation and left us stranded at the last very moment in Hawaii!! First time I tried the service there was an entire mix up with communication, I was so frustrated I canceled so the company offered me a voucher to try them. I wanted a positive experience! So I did try them again and booked two places in Maui, months in advance. All was confirmed. The first place in Piai was fine, but we had NO hot water. Okay, things like that happen, and the owner said he would discount our rate thru Airbnb. The owner was very responsive and we kept in contact because he was not able fix his water heater until we left. From there, we headed into a remote area of the island with no cell service for a few days. Before leaving I had contacted the owner in Kehie location and he was non responsive. Finally, after getting back into civilization that had cell service I texted him thru the Airbnb app a couple more times and let him know our arrival time was about an hour away and I needed to get key information. Finally, frustrated and no contact, this owner told me my reservation was cancelled! WHAT? WHEN? Airbnb canceled the day we left the first place and from there we went off the grid visiting remote areas of the island. We were stuck with no where to stay after being on the road for hours! We weren’t legit? Our room was canceled? Of course there was no way to call Airbnb, my only option was to write to their help center, which I did, and Airbnb NEVER even contacted me and it’s been 5 days ago since this happened. I HAVE LEFT MY PERSONAL CELL, they have my credit card info, my email, but not a peep! ATTENTION: People travel into remote areas without cell service and like myself have a confirmed reservations to be sure we have a place to sleep! AIRBNB canceled on the Monday (as we were leaving one of their clients homes) and we were gone already off the grid and I still have not heard a word from airbnb even 5 days after this incident and they were contacted by me! BEWARE THIS COULD HAPPEN WITH YOUR RESERVATION! One very unhappy customer! Twice now!

Plenty of B

After 4 years and over $100k in reservations between me and my business partner in completely professional form where all hosts loved us, we were both rudely and abruptly blocked without cause on separate occasions. I think this company had a good idea and then turned into a typical bureaucratic waste of artistic expression sans the beauty but plus the creeps and thieves that have ruined every half decent web concept upon popularity like a swarm of witches to a Plenty of Fish mixer in Nebraska.

Super Buggy

Always liked this app in the past. Useful, at least. It’s really buggy right now. Screen rotation on iPhone X is a mess. App gets locked on a listing. Trying to send a listing as a text had everything off screen. I’ve had to kill the app several times to reset. You need to hire more QE folks.

Great service, horrible app

I love using AirBNB when I travel, but when I need to message a host the app NEVER WORKS despite having service or being on WiFi. Yes, I updated and restarted etc but it never works. There is an error message and it’s very frustrating. Please fix this.

Account disabled with no explanation

They disabled my account and I have no idea why. They won’t provide an explanation and say it’s irreversible. This was AFTER I gave them a selfie and photos of my ID. Do they think my own photo isn’t who is on my ID? I have no idea because they won’t provide any explanation. I don’t even know why, suddenly, they were asking for this verification when I haven’t had to do it before. They wouldn’t provide any explanation for that either. I haven’t done anything wrong and have only had good reviews from hosts. I guess I won’t be using this company anymore. It’s a shame because I’ve had good experiences in the past.

App freezes on ios 12

On ios 12 , if you close the app by force swiping it out.. it freezes on the homepage every time

Airbnb is a great service

I love working with Airbnb, I would like to see a few more features for the owners, but it is a great service overall!

The shortfall

The problem with the app is the payment is not clearly explained. Barbara Egan

This first timer is happy

This was my first trip booking an Air B&B. I was a skeptic at first but after experiencing two different apt in another country I couldnt be more happier to share that I loved the experience ! So grateful for this ability because I was able to save a TON of money on hotel stay when given this option ! I am one happy camper !

Horrific Experience

When successful Airbnb is an excellent alternative to hotels. I’ve had several successful trips and was pretty happy with the app. That all changed this time when something went wrong. 1) The host cancelled my confirmed booked house 4 hours before check-in. I was never notified if he did it earlier. 2) The initial attempt to compensate me was to refund my $360 room and give me $30 dollars. Mind you I now have no where to stay on a busy weekend. I found this to be offensive and entirely inadequate which I told them. 3) I then found the last Airbnb in the area with three rooms and told them I needed the cost covered for canceling a room on the day of. They refused and did compensate two hundred dollars out of the 300 dollar up charge after several exchanges. My other option was to stay 45 minutes away in the next closest Airbnb or try to find a hotel last minute on a busy weekend. I really had no choice but to take the close room as I flew in and would have no way of going 45 minutes to the wedding venue, or pray for a hotel room. Needless to say after this experience I will be uninstalling Airbnb because things do go wrong on trips and I certainty won’t be leaving my well-being in their clearly inept hands.

Search engine has become tedious and time consuming

Every time I do a search, even a minute later, all the filters get re-set. For example, if I set it for two people, pet friendly, and certain dates, it will reset itself EACH TIME I CHANGE THE LOCATION! Very very frustrating!

App does not work after update iOS 12.0

Pictures does not load, app stop working.

Using Airbnb app

My husband became addicted to this site. At first he called it “Air-nub” LOL. Every town we would want to go to, he’d be looking up a place to stay on Airbnb. We’ve stayed in Venice, FL, Charleston, SC, Sylva, NC, and Bethlehem, PA. Staying in these places is way better than a hotel! Hosts have been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed home away from home. Most recently, my daughter, grandsons, fur babies and I needed to evacuate the area for Hurricane Florence. I was thrilled to be able to find places to stay and the hosts were very accommodating. I did hear of some free places offered to evacuees, but I didn’t find that to be the case. I’m just happy my family and I had some place to go. Can’t imagine having to stay in hotel room; I probably won’t ever again!

Love Airbnb but the app could be improved

First of all, definitely download the app, as a traveler or host it is great to have the features available to you Anytime anywhere. My only reason for 3 stars is that the app is somewhat lacking for me as a host. For example, It would be great to be able to see all of the properties at once like I can on the desktop. There are quite a few improvements that I would like to see but I am still able to conduct my business easily as is.

Great choices

I love the well described property listings. The many pictures posted on every home is a great way to help you decide which home is right for you. The things that I don’t like about the app is that you don’t get the exact city you want on the search. It will include homes in various cities all around. If there are a lot of homes to choose from this makes it difficult. They don’t post the name of the city on the first picture of the home where the title is. You have to click on that home and then you can see the city name. It wastes a lot of time while choosing a place. Also I don’t like that the price can display on the front page so inaccurately. It may say $100 per night but once you click on details there can be up to $150 or more in various added charges like cleaning and service fees. This also wastes a lot of time.

App is Excellent

Yes that is excellent and very easy to use and navigate through

5 stars

Love using Airbnb! It’s been a life changing experience hosting people from all over and catering to their needs! I recommend you give it a shot, mainly because you’ll be glad you did. Thanks Airbnb Abe

Easier searching

I do love Airbnb itself, but the app can be frustrating. Searching needs to be easier as far as location. Number of minimum nights should be listed higher up in the post to prevent excessive scrolling.

Customer Service

I am a Super Host on Air BnB and can attest that the Customer Service Department is excellent!

Awesome app!!!

Had nothing but good experiences on every property that I stayed

The ol rado!

I love Airbnb I’m Colorado


Can program be written to add a single night when guests suddenly have plan changes- currently my guests Have NOT been able to add on without additional cleaning fee charge etc. Thank you. Other than that- as a HOST I love Airbnb.

Great idea great service… Love meeting people

I have had nothing but great success with using my home for Airbnb… It’s turned out better than I could have dreamed!



The best vacation rental app !!

Airbnb is the best rental app !!


A 24hour turnaround is unacceptable! Now if I pull out, I’ll prob be charged a cancellation fee. Your slow turnaround period should be disclosed before people reserve a room. I am about to hit this road and according to your site, I may or may not have a room. Unacceptable.

Love air bnb but the app is terrible

I use air bnb all the time when traveling but their app lacks terribly. It never loads anything and says I have a connection to server error constantly. I have tried using customer support to ensure I’m using the app correctly and yet still I can’t book anything on my phone!

Needs options

Airbnb could really use more filters, such as beachfront, or waterfront, with king size beds, or bunk beds. It would really help narrow down searches. But other than that it is a wonderful app.

Users beware, you’re on your own

Over the past year, Airbnb‘s customer service has gone downhill in an almost dangerous way. As a landlord and frequent guest for over 5 years, I use Airbnb to rent out my home and also book accommodations as I travel. If a mistake is made with a reservation, Airbnb will not help you. Even in an emergency situation regarding a hurricane, Airbnb would not help me adjust my reservation. I have been traveling in remote places and left with no assistance for problems with an Airbnb rental. Unlike a hotel, Airbnb does not want to help you. It was not this way years ago, but recently they simply do not care about you. Users beware.

Won’t open

After last update, won’t open on iPhone

One-star review for notification spam

App issues notification spam, forcing me to disable notifications; hence the one-star review.


Man this app don’t even work on my iPhone smh

Airbnb sunset sail in Lisbon

Absolutely the highlight of our visit to Lisbon. Angelo and Tati were the perfect hosts. Nice tapas and wines to compliment the views on either side of the Tagus. A magical evening!

Worst App

This app is so frustrating. Can’t sort by price. Can’t filter out listings that require staying a certain amount of nights. If the app isn’t going to offer this, can’t it at least take my date range into consideration? It creates a new list every time I try to add something to my favorites. This makes it hard to create a list of my options and later switch them to a list of top favorites. Overall just lacking so many features that are pretty standard in most other apps. Love the service. Hate the app.

Love Lisboa Walking Tour

Humberto was a terrific tour leader and gave us a insider’s tour of the Chiaro that was filled with personal experiences and history.

“Add to Apple wallet” option NOT WORKING

It used to work before. I can’t now add upcoming (confirmed) trips to the Apple wallet anymore. Contacted support via the iOS Airbnb app but the support person was even aware of the option!!! Please FIX!!!!

Stole Money

The app works great but over a month after my trip I was randomly charged again. They claim the first charge was refunded but they did not have my permission to take money again and definitely not that much later. The first charge was never refunded and now I have my bank involved with fraud. Such a pain. Just use at your own risk dudes.

Airbnb charges, and service is delayed and inconvenient

You will understand whenever you cancel a trip. Such inconvenient in multiple ways.

Menos mal y existes

Excelente aplicación, me salva la vida a menudo. Gracias


I like the app but you need to do with something “females only” listings. They need to have their own section. I get rejected by female hosts

beware of updates “stability tweeks”

18.37 ruined the calendar. if your current app works, don’t update it...chances are they’ve added bugs not removed them.


I'm loving how I can put the rooms I have available on hold or "snooze". This helps greatly with my hectic life schedule as a single and busy parent!


THE WORST HOST! HE HAS HIDDEN CAMERAS IN THE TV!! How would you like it if you stayed at a hotel or Airbnb to find out that after you left there were hidden cameras located inside, hidden in the TV? Recording your entire stay. This is an invasion of privacy, and I feel disgusted and violated that this has occurred to me. This was not stated when I booked it, he changed the listing and added more information that would have been crucial upon choosing the right and safe place to stay. It is a violation not to notify in your listing that you have cameras placed in your property. As stated in the Standards and Expectations, hosts are required to disclose all surveillance devices in their listing, and we prohibit any surveillance devices that are in or that observe the interior of private spaces, regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed. It is also stated in violating others privacy or intellectual property rights, that you should not spy on other people, cameras are not allowed in your listing unless they are previously disclosed and visible, and they are never permitted in private spaces. I hope you can see in the original listing when I booked it that he did not specify any cameras located in or around his home. Especially hidden inside of a tv, I found this out after in his new listing. Furthermore, he also misrepresented his space. Upon arrival he specified what room I would be staying at (down the hall to the right), I found this suspicious so I asked him if there would be other guests staying with me. He said no, but he would be staying there too. I booked an entire home not a private space shared by the owner. I didn’t know how to respond to him, so I called Airbnb to ask what my further action should be. So I told Landon that it would just be my fiancé and I and we preferred to stay at his entire home as advertised, for the price that we paid and he said fine he would stay at his friends house. Later on, he accused me of lying that I only stated that it will only be me staying at his home when I specifically said in our conversation that it would be my fiancé and I. The irony is that HE is a liar, he listed his place as an entire home and expected me to let him stay while I was staying there and then he also lied about not listing the cameras and surveillance cameras located in his home and HIDDEN INSIDE OF A TV). He also lied to me by changing his listing after my stay and expected me to abide by the “new house rules”. Upon check out around 9 AM, I messaged him informing him that we have left. He tried to make small conversation with me which I found really odd since other homeowners have never done that before so I ignored it. Three hours into my 4 hour drive home, he messages me again and asked if I’ve had a chance to read the “Additional” house rules. The audacity he has to expect me not to notice that he changed the listing and expects me to follow the “new/additional” rules is disrespectful. The listing stated for a pet friendly place, now it states that dogs aren’t allowed in the pool, be courteous of dogs that shed (isolating my situation and highlighting it in his new advertisement). It simply said pet friendly, those were the original rules. I have videos of the pool the morning of, and my golden retriever did not ruin anything. I looked around and couldn’t find a vacuum, regardless I chose a pet friendly establishment so he should know what comes with that, fur.


App is very rigid. Does not support negotiated terms for a long stay. Constant redacting really inhibits information sharing and closing a deal.

Reservation Ease

I really appreciate this web sight. I have used it several times and appreciate the quick response I have gotten from the hosts each time I made an inquiry. Maybe every place is not a travelers dream, but meeting people along the way has been a wonderful experience. I do like the comfort of being in a clean, well kept home rather than a cold, lonely hotel room.

Connection Issues

I’m trying to connect but keep getting a connection error. Help!!

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