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Terrible- Cannot change/delete guest name after booking

The app was not user friendly. Support team was not helpful either.

Multiple listings need work (as host)

In Messages, there is no way to know what the listing is. It should say right under the name of the guest! I have sent several feedbacks on this over the last two years. Also, no way to search for a guest in Messages?! Calendar unresponsive most of the time, have to close and open app to open calendar.

Always Cancelled On

I have never gotten to experience an AirBnB because every time I book my dates it goes without fail that it gets cancelled or denied. It has happened multiple times in San Fran and now has happened in NYC. Hotels may be more expensive but at least they can't cancel and leave me homeless the day before I leave to travel!

Horrible with hosts

The guest can literally insult you and get away with it Literally I was insulted by this people for not babysitting them and Airbnb again didn’t do absolutely nothing to avoid this kind of thinks and protect hosts Here is what we reply to them and no even then Airbnb did anything! Mathieu, we are glad that you thought are place is in a good location. We are a little bit confused as to why you had such a bad experience with check-in and overall communication. You even said in your review that we were able to store your luggage first thing in the morning. You booked us the day before your arrival, meaning we were communicating and accommodating your needs no problem. You only only stayed with us for 1 night, of which we were home for the entirety of. Of that time, you and your friend were not here, much more than to sleep. When you did have questions, you asked us in person and we gave you the answers you needed. When you arrived at our place at night, we were in the living room watching TV. If you had cared to hangout with us and get to know us , you were more than welcome to sit with us. We never told you you were not welcome. Not getting to know us on your 1 night stay was 100% your choice. We can’t barge into your room to attempt to get to know you, as that would be an invasion of your privacy. It is also not our job to entertain you. If guests would like that, we are more than happy to try our best as long as you communicate that need/ desire, which you did not do. As for the size of the room, you are in a large city, so unfortunately it is a standard size bedroom. Larger rooms in this city are difficult to find, and will cost you much more, as they tend to be more of a luxury. We also do not advertise the room as large, and we do have pictures that give good reference to the size of the room. You can very clearly see there is just enough room for the 2 beds and a little bit of walking space. We are sad you thought your stay was only a 2 star stay. We hope you are better able to communicate your needs to future hosts so that you can have more enjoyable stays.

Terrible Company

I will never use Airbnb again. I had one bad experience and it was enough to throw me off them for good. When making a reservation you are supposed to receive the hosts actual address but I only received the protected address that gives you an idea of where they live but not the location. Turns out my host was out of the country and her 18 year old son was supposed to let me in. Well when I arrived in the vicinity of her neighborhood I spent over an hour walking around, calling, and messaging her with no response, no idea where to go, and no way to contact her son. I finally had to book a hotel room. At midnight that night I got a message back from her and was able to stay at her place the next night. I would have just cancelled if she didn’t have such a strict cancellation policy. It’s been over a week since I made a case with Airbnb and the host only gave me half my money back for the first night and I haven’t heard a thing from Airbnb’s customer service. So disappointed. I have seen so many complaints about hosts doing what they want with no repercussions.

App works but be warned

Once you find a host that is dishonest you can’t give them a bad review if you get a refund for being lied to. So loose your money if you want to warn others. The bad hosts stay on the site with great reviews, this is deception and borderline fraud.

App not working?

I have been trying to search the App for the last 2 days and it keeps returning with “what can we help you with today...” I’ve used this app several times. Anyone else?

Calendars quit loading

Calendar tab is worthless on my iphone. Love the business model and have had an overall positive experience. However the knowing who is checking in today is THE most important feature to a host and more often than not Airbnb’s calendar on my iPhone ap won’t load. Messages are not ordered by date of arrival and there’s really no other way to see who’s in your listing with one touch. A must fix.

One Star

I’ve tried to use this app twice. The first time I booked I had an issue with the apartment now the second time I’m trying to book they say you can’t book a room after 11pm lik seriously? You know there are planes that land that late ? People get off from work that time ? I mean life is still going on at 11pm why would there be a curfew ? The owner would have the ability to decline a rental if it was to late for them right? So why put a limit? That’s insane

App is lacking Platform is great

Many functions are not available in the app that crashes constantly. I love the platform and the opportunity it gives to both hosts and guests


Horrible customer service. The platform is a hit or miss depending only on the host. When the host is bad Airbnb is completely lacking in its response to any situation. Even when it pertains to safety which should be the top priority. The hospitality business has gone downhill with this app.


I am thankful for Airbnb giving me the opportunity to meet and hosts person in our home, the guests that have chosen us has respected our home and the house rules, which I say thank you.

Terrible app

This app has lots of issues; most importantly, it failed to confirm apartments that I had booked which led me to book many apartments for the same dates. When I contacted support they acknowledged the probably and recommended that I delete and reinstall the app every week or so, but never provided any solution or remedy.

Transaction history

App won’t let you view transaction history. Huge inconvenience. Please fix asap!

Love Airbnb, hate the app

I love Airbnb. It’s great. The iPhone app is a piece of junk, though. Maybe it’s my network, maybe it’s my location- it seems like it just won’t work consistently though.


Tried to use their services to book, but constantly raising the service fee, every time I got into the app. The service fee just raised and keep going up. Started from $8 now it is $11.43 I have all the proof and pictures if anyone care to see it I took pictures throughout the experience. How can I trust a company where you have variable service fees same property? I get to a booking page few times and couldn’t book because I was busy with other things and after that 4 times service fee went up for the same dates.

Not working on iPhone X

This app will not logon via iPhone X

Useful but a pain up the rear end

Whoever designed this app is pretty much clueless. It’s cumbersome, slow and anything but intuitive. Needs a complete top to bottom redesign!!

Easy to Use

Very easy to use, i like the app better than the website. Homes are safe & clean, I find it to be a better option than hotels in most cases

AirBnB Customer Service Rocks

Every time I have needed to call AirBnB Customer Service I have always been pleased with the support I have received. I’m proud to be an AirBnB Super Host. I identify with the brand and hosting guests from all over the globe is in alignment with and an extension of my practice of unconditional friendliness. Enthusiastically, Debra Crosby YOUR HAPPY PLACE AirBnB Salem, MA

So far it’s been good, but needs a little work!

So far it’s been good, but still has some work to be done On the app ect. sometimes the app crashes or takes a while to update. I get messages way later like a day or 2 later on guests asking me questions. I did notice that it has not been sending the check In information to the guests so they get trapped out side the gate for a while because the messages don’t come in to my phone right when they message. Also I’ve been getting guests having a hard time keeping the booking I get them confirmed and then a day later it’s canceled on them. Guest call me a lot trying to figure out how to book. Maybe make the booking a little easier. Also if you are in a state that they pay the tax for you make sure to look in to it cause they only pay the state tax not the city tax. Wish they could pay that also each quarter for me. I give Airbnb over all a 4 cause it’s good just not yet a 5 yet. Work on app a little more and maybe put a system in that is like doc u sign. that way it just automatically sends the booking waver that we need each guest to sign so I don’t have to do it manually.


I love Airbnb. What a great idea and very user-friendly. The ability to search a specific city by Districk would be very useful. For example, the ability to draw a circle on a map and only search within that perimeter.


Airbnb is a fantastic concept and I was extremely pleased with my experience.

Very easy to use

I’m a 1st time user on AIRBNB it was so easy to use and found exactly what we were looking for within minutes.

Easy to use

I like how simple and straightforward the app is. It really does bring all the features I need

Love it!

This app is super user friendly and helpful to me as a host! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Pays for itself

This is our third summer renting our lake house with Airbnb.. the process is so easy and the exposure to potential guests is better than other advertising. We stay booked all summer without even thinking about where to post ads or making flyers, etc. The fee scale is worth it and I love the security of guest payments taken at time of booking. I wish there were more ad-on payment options like pet fees and kayak rentals for example. Overall very happy with this great service!

Airbnb is the best...

way to stay when traveling, period.

Being a Host and loving it.

I have enjoyed being a Host and meeting so many people around the world. There’s nothing like seeing someone come into a clean room and feel comfortable with the hospitality that is given. It not only makes them feel good but it makes me happy to know they feel comfortable enough to stay with us. Airbnb has been great and they help when needed as well as Pay quickly. That is always a HUGE plus. Thank you Airbnb.


While on a road trip through Europe, I have found this App to be so user friendly. Highly recommended, it has made my experience booking while traveling so easy and finding really good deals.

All we hoped for

We were concerned about marketing and billing when it came to our space we are thrilled they are taking care of all that for us .

Calendar app lags like an MTA train. All the time. crummy

Lags a lot. waste of time

Nice options

I have used the website several times, great options!

Bantam home with Wiggins sign

Airbnb is an exceptionally good networking venue. Quality is their rule in all their areas of doing business. I feel taken seriously and taken care of by Airbnb. THANKS TO ALL THE ASSOCIATES!!


The app is always glitchy! Took me 5 times to try and make a reservation. Made me upload my ID multiple times before accepting. Kept changing the price as I was ready to book because it kept adding and taking away my travel credit. So frustrating it’s a large company and can’t even fix its app.

Needs a lot of improvement

There are many concerns about the app. To start with after you write a review I still see in messaging that I need to write the review. That should refresh immediately once the review is submitted. Sometimes the calendar will not load once selected. It would be nice if there was a simple way to message AirBnB when I have a question, but I assume that function is buried somewhere. Trying to make adjustments on rates or accessing other private areas is difficult to locate on the app. Basically I don’t have a positive impression of the app function. I spend way to much time trying to locate things.

Airbnb app

Fairly easy to use...maybe a tutorial option would be nice!

Wilmington with Ease

Love air bnb and the people who use it. Great idea!

Why only four stars

When we were not given the 5 (or 10?) percent discount as per the advertisement when booking for a week - and we booked two weeks- there was no way to contact Airbnb online to get that fixed. An email to the host was replied to with no offer to help and she stated that she had complete confidence in Airbnb. Our only recourse was to cancel and book another place! I suggest that Airbnb make it easier to contact online regarding a specific booking.

Love Airbnb.

Both as a host and a traveler Air bnb has changed my life!

Not very intuitive

Very difficult to use. Format changes often with each update. Information is hard to navigate to and find. Horrible platform.


The reservation process is inefficient and beyond frustrating. I was told my reservation was successfully completed only to wake up the next morning to an email saying it had been cancelled. Two hours later, three phone calls, finally I am told I have to do it again. We were committed to the time and location and had made plans thinking the reservation was successful. I won’t be using Airbnb again. Ever

App Glitches

I am new, but the app seems to have a mind of its own and no clear directions are provided as to what information is missing. Almost missed booking a room because it took me back to the home screen without telling me what went wrong.

freedom to choose

aBnb is a great option in the planning stage of travels. Thank you for this option

Can’t use the filter on the app anymore?!

What happened to being able to filter certain options on the app so you can narrow down what you want more?! 🤔😡


It’s an overall good app. The main issue I personally had, was the rules. You aren’t allowed to pay earlier than your due date if you chose the “two payment” plan.

Could be so much better with simple changes

Airbnb is by far one of my favorite startups, but there’s a few issues that really don’t sit well with me, especially when it comes to customer service. 1. Would be nice if it gave the upfront costs, instead of the actual price with all the hidden fees (cleaning, service, etc.) not shown until you go to book. 2. It’s ridiculous the service fee is not refundable. And even when it is you have to go through a million hoops to get it back. 3. Have customer service that’s actually useful. Extremely hard to get ahold of anyone (where is this pricey service fee going when you can’t get any service...) if you have any issues that aren’t simple FAQs. Really disappointing for an app that claims to be so community oriented

Can’t access my account

It’s not worth any stars if it can’t be used. Believe me when I exclaim to you there is no way to recover your account and no support as well.

Awful Support

Airbnb told our host that they had to cancel our reservation. After contacting Airbnb they said there must have been a misunderstanding, and said they were “really really sorry”. No reimbursement or anything. I’m really really sorry, if you want a good review fix your issues instead of expecting us to find your inadequate service acceptable just by apologizing.

Great service, app needs work

For the last couple of months it takes MINUTES to load the schedule (over a gigabit connection). It used to be instant. This is unacceptable. How about a local cache, people? With the money pouring into this company you’d think they could hire top developers, QA, and experienced management oversight. But no. Updates suffer from occasional severe issues that suggest a lack of proper QA. A lack of a proper changelog in updates indicates a lack of transparency in the development process. Solution: When you fix a bug and push an update, let your customers know /specifically/ what you fixed. Be wary of updating this app until this changes. You have been warned. Some examples of things I find frustrating in the current version: Why do I have to scroll through the message history to find what reviews are necessary for me to complete instead of putting all the uncompleted reviews in one place? This must be a core use case. A partial message is erased if I go back to review a guest's info and return to the message pane. Why not save it? My phone has gigs of storage. Why does the calendar view default to a month ago instead of today? Why can I only see the last months bookings instead of going as far back as I want? And surely the details tab of the calendar is more useful on a day to day basis than the calendar view. So why is it the default? Why is the same word "Details" used for both the expanded/zoomed/daily view of the calendar and the guest's details? Unnecessarily confusing.

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