Airbnb App recensioner

So ein Mist

Was soll Mann da noch sagen. Airbnb null Punkte.

So good :)

I like it so much :)

Hospitality at it’s worst

Airbnb lacks supervision of the properties they advertise. We experienced a very rude and hostile host that did not assume his responsibility of providing a clean, sanitary place to stay. Airbnb is unwilling to believe our side of the story. Taking the side of a terrible host is very convenient to avoid the refund of the booking we prepaid in full. We were treated as if we were lying. This is an evident lack of professionalism and customer service etiquette. We do not recommend it. We’ve made reservations through other companies like Home Away, Travelocity,, etc.... and have never had such a disappointing experience. Hospitality at it’s worst.

The App on iPhone and iPad

While the app works very well on my computer, it doesn’t measure up on my phone and iPad. I can’t get the calendar to load. I can’t search for an incoming guest. Their name doesn’t come up in messages and I have to find it in my emails. I can’t edit the saved replies I have. I want to delete some and it doesn’t work. Why can’t you figure out how we can reply in Messages to an alert I get from a guest? I have to go into the app. I’m so used to replying to texts that I often forget and the. Have to rewrite my message in your app. Help! We love hosting and we’re in year FIVE! Please make our jobs easier.

The app continually stops working

We are really enjoying hosting, but the app itself is poorly designed. Both my husband and I have it on our iPhones and we’ve both had to delete and redownload it more than 5 times (each) over a two month period. The calendar feature just stops working and can’t be accessed until we download the entire app again. Like I said, this isn’t a review of AirBnB—which we like— it’s a review of the actual software.

Great way to make money and meet people from different cultures


Needs tweaked.

I think your app is good however, it could be better and here’s how. When you are trying to see what places you have reserved your app doesn’t show you. Would you be able to add this feature to make it easier on customers to see what they reserved.

My favorite

My only issue is that the the app keeps crashing when I apply filters, I'm getting frustrated

the messaging does not work

the only part of this app that should work with ease is the worst part, often not sending messages, not receiving them, and reporting errors. makes it useless, and the website loaded on the phone a necessary evil.

Great app - Horrible search

Generally like the app but search needs improvement. Trying to search for a specific property is impossible.

Accuracy of Rentals

In today’s ever changing technological world things simply aren’t always as they appear. There are great hosts on Airbnb and great rentals but I have found places that look great in the pictures that simply didn’t meet the expectations. Some host stage pictures to make their rentals look great or clim to have working amenities while knowing that it is not true. It would be helpful if Airbnb could investigate the accuracy of the renters property description along with the identified amenities to better ensure their customers expectations are met and not surprised.

Love this app!

I love using Airbnb. It’s such a cheap alternative to staying in hotels. Most Airbnb’s are cleaner than hotels anyway. Because of Airbnb I am able to travel a lot more and not spend as much money as I would staying in hotels


Having the worst experience with this app,Will be deleting it as soon as I receive my refund WORST APP EVER 🙄

Cannot log in with Google :(

Can't log in a Google account in the latest version as of today. Have to use the website instead.

The worst app to ever exist

I’m a software developer. This is the most garbage app out there. Can’t sort by price, can’t sign in, the app hangs, it won’t accept MasterCard. Won’t work on a 7+ or an S9. We’re. stranded now and it has been a nightmare. Will probably never use Airbnb again.

에어비앤비 사이트

최고의 홈페이지 입니다 너무 쉽고 간편하며, 이해하기 쉽고, 문제해결도 빠릅니다 최고*

Setting the bar high!!

Airbnb was the absolute first peer to peer company on the market, and has set the bar exceptionally high for all others to follow. They’ve always done a stellar job with excellent and caring customer service 24 hours a day, showing us that they value both Hosts and Guests in many demonstrative ways, Providing an excellent platform, and lastly, but not least by any means, they are not greedy grabbers like some other P2P companies out there whose names start with L and U. Keep up the fantastic job, airbnb, and keep setting that bar high! Love you guys!

Usually great, sometimes horrifying

Love the convenience, and hosts are usually amazing. Sometimes, however, hosts are horrifying. In those instances, it is difficult to work with Air BNB to resolve the issue.

Airbnb quality

They truly have the guests best interest in every situation. I’ve stayed from NYC to Cuba and just the best way to go hands down.

AirBNB took care of a bad situation

Air BNB went above and beyond to help save my family vacation!

Not always dependable but does the job most of the time!

Does a pretty good job but there are always updates and not all are good. On the positive side there is a lot of complex business that can be ran through this app and it does the job most of the time. You can do just about anything from the app keep up the hard work Airbnb what would we do without it! Our business is dependent on the app thank you!

Beat &only way to travel!

Spending all my money on the room when prefer sight seeing and the outdoors was always an obstacle for me and limited my spending amounts, now I found you may book a Nice clean room are home all to yourself for half the price of any hotel room in any area! The people are friendly, enjoy your company and want you to be here, and the overall hospitality is always wonderful! You really do feel as if you are staying in a home away from home when you book an Airbnb! 🤗💞

Quit VRBO ( zero customer assistance) to outstanding Air B&B !

I am over 65, travel extensively and was a long long member of VRBO until i landed into a terrible lodging and found the NEW VRBO management did not care , refused to help and left me stranded on my own to find new lodging. That’s when i listened to my daughter and switched to Air B&B 3 years ago to 5 states with truly outstanding top top quality customer service assistance. On one trip to Astoria Queens, NYC, i stumbled into a “ student hostel” type unclean multi- bedroom (7) super crowded renovated apartment that never described the MANY other “ housemates” with only a small shared kitchen and 1 large bathroom for all of us. The owner was off premise and when i told him i was not happy he became immediately insulted and told me to leave,” and if i was not out by the time he arrived at 11 pm —1 hour— he would “ kick me out”. I had questioned him prior to booking about others in the apt and he purposely refused to ever answer. I needed a place ASAP near my daughter last minute because i had to wake at 5 am to take her all the way up to the Dental ER at Columbia Dental School. Extremely frightened with his threat i called the police and they came told me because i was not residing for 30 days, they could not help me— only if he were to assault me. So at 10 pm, exhausted from flying in just hours ago, i drove away, got lost, then called Air B&B customer service. The African American young woman who helped me was WONDERFUL— found me a new host ( superhost) and my new lodging was gratis. Plus she gave me easy directions, and soothed my very frayed nerves! All of my other lodgings have been truly excellent! With wonderful hosts!

Airbnb Is a Blessing

Airbnb is a huge blessing and their app makes communication and scheduling easy! Appreciate Airbnb and the Airbnb guests and hosts that make it all possible! ❤️😊❤️

Total surprise

We didn’t think anyone would like to stay here but have been very pleasantly surprised. AirB&B has been great too. Had to call a couple of times and was handled with great service.


So love this so easy to set up and to book took me 15 min n to list my room 2 days later slammed with bookings happy he’ll ya

Bohemian traveler

I love Airbnb. I love all the options we have and I love the swift response I get when I reach out to customer service.

Best travel resource

AirB&B is the only way to travel. You get to see the world and stay as a local would. I have never had a bad stay. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks for helping me allowing me to see the world and use my extra $ for sight seeing and experiences instead of over-priced stays.

A happy host

I found the love, I signed up with AirBnB after all my daughters left and have their own. I was so happy at first since I don’t have to wait and clean after them I didn’t realize that, it’s only temporary. I found myself , signing up for something I didn’t even have a clue if it will work, given that I was very picky and meticulous. Now, I’m a super host, I clean after someone, but this time I am getting paid. And I get to meet all this lovely people from all walks of life. Find the life of a modern nomad from AirBnB . 🦋🦋🦋


It is wonderful as being a Host, and a Traveler. I love it, and definitely will recommend it!

Good network, less services!

Good app and the best vacation rental network but the customer service not as good and the review system not very accurate !

Broken on iPad

Since I can’t find any way to get developer feedback, I’m going to just list it here. On an iPad pro, witch the smart cover keyboard attached, I cannot send messages to guests (as a host). The text entry box disappears and those only why to bring it back is to either detach the keyboard or hide the suggestion bar.... but it automatically pops back up when you start typing. Super annoying. Update after update... STILL BROKEN!!! Steps to reproduce: Have an iPad Pro, any size, with smart keyboard attached. Receive a booking request (with Instant book off, obviously). Go to messages and try to reply to guest. As soon as you start typing the input box disappears and gets buried behind the big pink accept/decline button.

Coupon code wasn’t honored

Great way to start my experience by not honoring the coupon code I signed up with. Sent multiple emails to Support. Finally googled and found an actual call in number. Stayed on the phone for 30 minutes to then be told that they had to submit a ticket and it would take A day. Finally spoke with the supervisor and they still did not honor it. Would’ve been much easier to just book a hotel. And cheaper

Good enough for the purpose

It’s a decent app but need little clean up UI since some set up for the host is somewhat difficult to find.

Host cancelled on us, a week and a half before the trip

We got cancelled on by a host (desert luxury estates) on a house that was booked 2 months in advanced. It was for Memorial Day weekend. It was for 8 folks, house was approximately $500/night. Airbnb gave me a refund and an additional credit of $160. At this point, comparable homes were going for $1,000 making their $160 an insult to injury. Customer service was not responsive at all. They said they would get back to me with solutions but they never did. I inquired about the status several times but no response. Our vacation was cancelled.

Terrible App

I’m not a millennial but I use a lot of apps. This one is terrible especially where you have to verify your ID. The idea of AirBnB is a good one but their execution of this app is so bad. Don’t bother with it and just book on your computer.


Tried to stay somewhere, place was nothing like described, neighborhood was very shady, and upon arrival and asking for more direction on how to enter the home, the host stopped responding and did not respond until the reservation was cancelled. The host responded they had “lost service” and that’s why they couldn’t respond. Also, Airbnb provides no security measures or anyway to regulate hosts, and does not accept responsibility for their hosts if they are shady or untrustworthy. If you have a family and are looking for a SAFE and GUARANTEED place to stay, stick with a nice hotel or another house rental company. Never again will I use Airbnb, and I warn all others to exercise EXTREME caution when utilizing this service.

Tech support is non existent

The app in the calendar hasn’t worked for two months. I’m a host and to manage the calendar I have to use a desktop. No one acknowledges or replies to any emails and it’s impossible to speak to someone who is actually able to help.

App no longer working!

Apps doesnt pass the log in screen

Hasnt worked in months

Keeps saying that there isn't a connection. But all of my other apps work fine. iPhone 7+

Ridiculous sign in process

Confirm my information.. how many times? So it’s OK to send me a billion emails but you want the name and soul of my first born child before you will let me search any properties? No thanks. There’s tons of other fish in this sea. #weaksauce

Horrible Service cancelled reservation within 30 days

We just received a refund notification for our trip in less than 30 days without any further explanation. No message, nothing. So we had to take the time to reach out to customer service to find out the host cancelled the reservation. Keep in mind if I had cancelled within 30 days I would have had to pay the full amount but the host can cancel anytime even the day before you arrive with no penalty. Also - once you are cancelled you cannot write a review of that host. This has happened to several people I know and was the reason I was hesitant to use Airbnb - they have horrible service experiences and don’t care about anybody using their services. We were traveling for an event and places are all booked so we are abandoned completely. We will stick with hotels and we recommend you never use this service.

Happy now

Typically the app works great but lately the search filters were not responding except to a few selections. Now they are back up for me and I’m at 5 stars again!

Best Ever

We started with Airbnb about five years ago after I retired from a 40 year nursing career. Airbnb has been wonderful, not only as a source of income but mostly as a source of making new friends from around the world. My husband and I both work to make our Airbnb special, we are five star rated and have been since the beginning. The Airbnb professional staff are awesome, and have always had a quick solution for any booking questions, they are fair, friendly and are interested in the best outcome for guests and hosts alike. We highly recommend Airbnb as a business or for a stay in just about anywhere in the world. Jilly & Richard Mosher

Slow app

The functionality of this app is great. You can almost do anything you can on web. However, this app has some serious speed problem. The calendar view takes forever to load if it loads at all. As a host, this is super frustrating as it’s hard for me to find out the people checking in.

Host Cancel Scam

Airbnb allows hosts to cancel reservations made months in advance just prior to stay date allowing hosts to re-book on AirBNB at higher rates. Total scam AirBNB let’s this happen. 50% penalty was f traveler cancels,but hosts are rewarded to cancel and rebook days before stay date. Air BNB takes your money at reservation date and then takes two to three weeks after cancellation to refund Money. The float on this money for Airbnb must be material to the financial health of Airbnb. Customer satisfaction certainly is not.

Network error??

For some reason this app won’t connect only when on the messages page.. extremely annoying not being able to send or receive new messages!! Every other app is fine, my network is strong and working and other pages on this app work... ???....??..........

Won’t let me accept itinerary

My mom and I are using Airbnb and we take turns booking. But when I go try to accept the invitation it won’t let me. The app says that there is an error. I have updated my app and it still isn’t working. Very frustrating. But otherwise this app is amazing for finding places to stay on a budget or a splurge. Love it 💕 just please fix this bug!

App crashes

When it works the app is great. Unfortunately it frequently tells me I'm offline when I am online and won't load my chats. Then it freezes. There is also no way to escalate issues within customer support.

Updates are not helpful

New version of the app is harder to navigate. Won’t take filters and keeps showing all properties despite my filters. Too much information “restaurants” “experiences” keep coming up despite all i want to find is an apartment.

It’s confusing

At first I thought it was user friendly but the filters dont work and it got really confusing. Also, it’ll show houses/rooms/units that are 2-3 hours away from where you are looking at.

Search filters don’t work


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