Airbnb App recensioner

So ein Mist

Was soll Mann da noch sagen. Airbnb null Punkte.

So good :)

I like it so much :)

Favorite Forces Shut Down

Any time I try to favorite a home, it forces the app to close. Very frustrating.

My ig is arturoyrn_

My ig is arturoyrn_

Why can’t I sign in via google on the app?!

I can use it via the web page but there’s no option on the app.


Rented a house in Hawaii, and found out only when it was too late to find other accommodations that there were hidden fees that required cash or check payments. These fees were not at all clear. I thoroughly researched and compared costs between hotels, condos, and houses, using Airbnb and others vendors, and had these fees been known I would have made other arrangements. At least when I use hotel apps such as Hotwire and a facility has resort fees these fees are CLEARLY included in the final price. I can even filter them out when I’m searching for a place to stay. Between the hidden fees and the almost complete lack of customer service I will never use Airbnb again.

Air bnb 😒🙄

The app won’t load , I’ve tried to delete it & re download but it just won’t work it won’t allow me to book anything cuz the page won’t load 😑


biggest and worst mistake I’ve made in my vacation booking process. All I hear are great things about these beautiful home, and everyone’s quick to look into Airbnb. I booked two different homes for my husband and I. My payment wasn’t denied when originally booking these places. BUT to complete my payment (pay the other half of my booking) my card is continuously declined. This is only after the host told me to cancel my entire trip I order to add ONE date. I’ve lost money, time. Airbnb is no help whatsoever and told me to just “keep trying” to make this payment. No one has apologized. No courtesy. Nothing. And my host continues to threaten to cancel my trip because my “payment isn’t being made”. If I cancel now I’ll lose 200+$$ never again. Hotels for now on. Update:: the second location we had booked for 6 days from now was just canceled by the host. No Airbnb’s in our price range are available anymore. And for a group of five a hotel is going to be double. Airbnb is a disaster. Ruined our entire trip, and literally profited off of it. Wouldn’t recommend anyone using this app, website or company until they make some serious changes to their policies and customer service.

Great, but the calendar takes a long time to load.

I’ve used this app almost solely to manage my listing, and it’s great. My only issue is the calendar view. There are many times when that screen simply won’t load, or it will take a long time. If they can address that, it would be awesome. It helps greatly with planning...


It’s a great platform to connect with people and experience different living styles across the globe.

Spoiled by Airbnb

I never thought I could get used to using this type of App, but I have used it many times in the states and have really had great experiences. It now is my first go to when I am planning a trip.

Terrible app that crashes can't even login

Fix ur app. It crashes every time I try to login with a google account.

Great app

Love to use this handy application as a guest and as a host. Very versátil and definitely meet my needs as a costumer.

Always have a room!

I love Air BNB because my husband and I love to do long weekends. Staying in peoples homes has been an awesome experience for us. Much better way to travel. Thanks to all the lovely folks who share their homes.


We make enough renting out our guesthouse each month to actually pay our entire house mortgage!! Best thing since sliced bread!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fabulous app!

I wish all apps were this functional, applicable & reliable! Love this app!

Just awesome!!!

A must have for renting out rooms and you home and to rent them as well per city you go to! Easy to navigate app!

Great overall

Great app, that gives you great service. Just wished the homeowners on there would put a plant of the apartment just to have a better idea and have better photos sometimes. Besides that, works very smoothly.

Change of password

Just recently changed my password and it takes so long to load.. please fix


Can not thank enough all Airbnb has brought to our lives. The concept is fantastic and we try everyday to offer nice, clean accommodation for visitors at the best price posible, it is our goal to make happy guests that got a great deal and hopefully can come back.

Love AirBnB!! Some glitches

I’m a host on AirBnB and I absolutely love Airbnb, and I really enjoy using this app! I use it way more than the computer website. I love how simple and easy it is to navigate and they don’t have anything extra or confusing! I far prefer them and their app way over any other vacation rental service for hosts! Only problem I’ve come across is that the Messages part of the app can get quite glitchy on the iPhone. That’s literally the only thing, and the only reason I didn’t give it five stars because it can be quite frustrating sometimes!

Frustrating on phone

I have been at this, trying to secure a place for a stay, and I have been linked and relinked and lost the saved info and logged in about a 100 times. It wasn’t until I downloaded the app that anything worked smoothly. By the time I was finally able to book, I just took what I could find. There was also a server error during the night, but after that, it should not have redirected me a million times then lost my info.


Wonderful!!!!very convenient and clean


I am beyond disappointed with with the customer service. I asked for help on Sunday because I just couldn’t take the noise and the trash from the location I was staying at. (It is a split home but I was told there was noise insulation) This was after reaching out to the host with my concerns. I received an automated response that I would hear back in 24 hours. I heard back in closer to 32 with another automated response. Since then I still haven’t been contacted by someone from customer support and it’s now Wednesday night. I paid to stay here a month and I’ve been miserable half the time because of the extensive noise and before that overflowing trash... I will never take a chance on this company again!


I have only used Airbnb 3 times but two of those times the host never confirmed and I had to search for a place all over again. Airbnb is a completely unreliable system. At least with other sites when I click ‘book’ I know that I have a place to stay. Never using Airbnb again

Crappy app

This app is terrible. I have had glitch after glitch on my account. So far none of the techs have been able to help resolve it. It runs slow and it’s not user friendly. Get it together!!

Separate apps for owner and traveler?

I would prefer two apps one as an owner and one as a traveler. The switch back and forth can be annoying sometimes.

Fix the bugs!

I use the app constantly. The last two months however, o have not seen the notification icon on the app, which keeps me from knowing whether there is something I need to respond to. Per the rep, I uninstalled and reinstalled, I turned off then on the push notifications on my settings and still no little red icon. The rep this morning told me there was an article explaining why they no longer have this feature and I have yet to see the article but that is downright dumb to remove that from the app. I rely on that to respond in a timely manner and this is beginning to affect my response time. The app should not be this unfriendly to its users.

Go elsewhere

Complicated to figure out compared to the other sites. You wonder what they were thinking when they laid out the pages. As an example-Changing from traveler to host takes five minutes to figure out and that is totally ridiculous and user unfriendly. Mostly this site and app is about a grabbing peoples money and holding out as long as they can before they pay out.

Uncalled for Cancelation 1 Week Before Trip

Based on my pervious experience with Airbnb which was very good and very easy, I encouraged my girlfriend to book a cabin for us and a handful of our friends. To cut all the text down for you, and to keep it simple. We booked a cabin with her brother’s account, which was a mix up on our end but we called a representative to link both of their accounts, so we could check in without a problem. They said they would do that and we never heard anything about it since. 5 1/2 months later we send a message to the OWNERS of the cabin a message asking if there is parking for more than 2 cars. The owners said they couldn’t provide info about it because the booking wasn’t under my girlfriend’s name. In a reply she said she made a mistake when booking and it was resolved months ago. Airbnb, read/screened our message to the owners, and thought we were asking to cancel and rebook. Airbnb, made the decision to cancel our reservation we had made nearly 6 MONTHS prior WITHOUT ANY COMUNICATION to us. When we called and explained the situation, the gentlemen we talked to said “Yes, we thought you wanted to cancel. There must have been a misunderstanding.” Which there was, Airbnb read our messages to the owners and thought we were asking something completely unrelated to what we were truly asking. Airbnb REFUSED to rebook our cabin for us or cancel the cancelation they made, even though we EXPLICITLY made it clear we did not want to cancel our reservation and there was no wording that we thought implied that. They said “There is nothing we can do now. Your reservation is canceled, sorry.” When we finally got ahold of the owners, they told us they asked Airbnb “What happened to this reservation?” In the process of trying to sort out our original reservation with the owners, our cabin was booked, over us. ULTIMATELY leaving of us out of luck trying to fix anything. Thank you Airbnb.

A Nightmare

Airbnb, its app and customer support are a nightmare to work with. It has terrible designer flaws that made me waste four hours today on what should’ve been a simple task of signing up for an account and booking a property I saw on its website. It wouldn’t send texts to my cellphone that would allow me to book the room. It told me to go to the app, which I tried, but the app would not take the information. Since I use a different Computer at my office it created two accounts for me, or tried to but locked it since I have one cell phone number. Customer service was polite but for the most part incompetent. Until the end of four hours. With two hangups by Airbnb. One person even told me to delete my account and I told him I didn’t want to spend another half hour starting a new account and he found a “back door”. Also, the price on the app was greater than the price on the Internet. The price differential disappeared when you clicked for details, but this would prejudice some of the property owners. There was a $60 per night differential I will see if booking future properties is easier But the initial attempt to work with Airbnb was awful. Give yourself a 1/2 day cushion to Book a property if you don’t have an account.

Decent service, poor app

Hosting mode in the app does not work well at all. “Network Error” when the network is fine. Problems are widely reported on the forums with no response from Airbnb. If you’re a host, don’t waste your time here, just use the website.

Can't log in.

Errors for days


Easy to use

More instant book requirements please

You don’t show listings that aren’t instant book. You force searchers to have a default setting for instant book that’s not fair to users that like me are female and dont feel comfortable hosting males because I live alone. The new discrimination in default settings is actually losing me so much money that I’m considering suing your company. I am seeking out a lawyer. If people want instant book they can select it don’t make it default. Also, provide wayyyyyy more preferences for instant book like female only and number of positive reviews and girls like me could turn instant book on. There are a lot of creeps on Airbnb. Also you’re extremely glitchy my price is different all the time like smart pricing is on but it’s OFF so I’m also losing business because my listing shows up in search as $64 not $44 and I’ve been dealing with customer service for a month over this it’s still glitching on phone app. Customer service people don’t understand English or problems 80% of the time. Get someone that knows how to make phone software.

Easy to use and great guests

I am fairly new to Air BnB and I love it ! The program is easy to use and so far I have had a lot of amazing visitors. So happy I joined.

Best option to travel

If you are looking for a good place to sleep for low rate, when you are traveling Airbnb is the best tool to get it!

Notification issues

The app is great in a lot of ways but it doesn’t send me notifications for new bookings on my iPhone 6. I have to keep opening the app to check—like 3x a day! I have notifications enabled. I’ve reinstalled the app. Nothing makes it work.


I love the service and enjoy being a host. For the guests I would recommend to set the phone system the way they can pick English or Spanish when they call. If someone does t speak English at all he has no idea what he needs to do.

Airbnb has helped me get a place when I needed it.

Airbnb has helped me get a place when I needed it. Thank you.

A place to call home

We enjoy using AirB&B for its ease and options. We have used the service at least 10 times and in each instance, we have had a good experience. We would highly recommend this service to others looking for options from a costly hotel. It is also an interesting way to meet someone different and cares absolutely it their company.

Top notch company

So far all of my interactions with Airbnb have been prompt and courteous. I have appreciated their ability to resolve issues quickly and fairly! I’m delighted to see how well they have structured their website. They have thought of everything that has arisen or could arise while being an Airbnb host.

Great app

Wonder alternative to hotels. Enjoyed our first stay and look forward to many more. Would recommend the app to everyone.

Frequent Traveler Best Friend

Love the convenience and the selections. When traveling with work or with your family, this is the way to go. Gives you the home feeling and the privacy while on the road. Much more affordable than your hotels.


I like the fact that you are now able to see a map with the options that have been filtered. Would like to be able to sort from low to high. Is there a way to do this that I haven’t discovered? Also, a bit confusing with the additional costs listing and the final pricing. They always seem to be a bit different. In any case, a great site to search for vacation stays!


I / we have used airbnb for approximately 4 years and love the ease of finding a place and booking. I have booked less than 10 places throughout America and haven't been disappointed. I booked one that was a great place in a shady neighborhood. We were safe but felt a little anxious. So I would recommend checking out everything you can prior to booking, especially in larger city reservations. Overall super pleased with AirBnB and will continue to use for all vacations.

Easy App - makes hosting super convenient

Love the Airbnb app! I operate my business mostly from my smart phone. This App makes it easy to respond to guests, check calendar dates, see Stats, and even edit my listing. Love it!

My new favorite app for business travel

When I found out I can use Airbnb for my company travel I was pretty stoked. My family have had great experiences thus far with Airbnb and so this seems like a no brained. The app and Apple Watch integration worked great for me and booking was easy and accurate. Great service app works and looks good (I am kind of partial to the purple color used).

Never use again

This app or website whatever doesn’t care about customer problems. Worst customer service ever . I swear I’ll find one your office and I’ll destroy everything. I’m so mad now for a $600 reservation I had urgently to cancel and because the owner said he can’t refund me . They let him do it . I won’t let it go I promise.!

Search filters & support phone number

Update: There is finally a filter for property type after like a year later. A new feature I would like are search presets so I don’t have to type in the location, date, guests, filters used, etc. every time when I come back a few days later to search again. — Badly needs a search filter for property type. Apartment, house, treehouse, boat, etc. It should be a no brainer option. If I'm paying a service fee than I expect an accessible customer support phone number. Also do what you're known for, bed & breakfast. Get rid of "experiences" and anything else.

Airbnb host

The messaging on this app is horrible. Messages appear unread after reading them, things don't disappear after actioning them. It's getting worse. At this point a dedicated host app should be on the agenda.

Happy Birthday?

I keep entering my birthday (by which I presume they mean “when were you born?”) and getting an unhelpful “Error” msg without a hint.

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