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So ein Mist

Was soll Mann da noch sagen. Airbnb null Punkte.

So good :)

I like it so much :)

Professional, compassionate and helping.

This is a top of the line travelers booking service par excellence. They keep schedules organized impeccably, funds traveling on time, and they are right there to help with recommendations, calendars and very practical advice. And their top priority is that travelers have the time of their lives. Viva! Airbnb and keep it up for all of us.

Recent trip to Rio

Had a great stay as usual in Rio, this time at Richard’s place... Checkout the review I left for his place!

Airbnb wonderful option for travelers

We only tried Airbnb for the first time this past summer when traveling to Hawaii and are finding it quite wonderful. Communication has been key and all of the hosts have been fantastic communicators. Our family loves Airbnb 😁

Wonderful Worldly Company

Everything about them in the 8 months as a host has been wonderful. They are extremely helpful & caring of both the guest & host. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such a terrific company,

Love having options

We love being able to have an entire apartment or house when traveling with the whole family. It’s also fun to experience cities, as you get the true vibe.


I started hosting my Airbnb in February and have had the best guests and great experiences. I do vet my guests and have had the pleasure of hosting some amazing people. Airbnb is an unexpected, incredible experience for me.

Update for new AIR BNB Aug 2018

App now cuts off text messages and inhibits return messages even inside the app. Het twice the messages tou cannot respond to. Cool! Just keeps getting worse! This app is different but not better Has the search by map been removed or moved where I can't find it?? Why is taking longer to find more unavailable properties? Just updated again to try features and tools. App freezes... App is still clunky but better than it was but I just got recommended stays a surprising distance from my intended destination..... The app is worse than ever and the whole AIRBNB system is getting to be a frustrating mess. I have attempted to book 5 locations in the last 6 months with one success. After a major frustration I was offered over $100 instant credits and still chose not to book with AIR BNB...... This is getting unfriendlier and more "corporate" by the day. Earlier version .... Whoever released this needs to roll it back up! I have attempted to book stays with complete frustration and mix ups. The app has reversed it performance of user ease. Avoid this new version....


I was using Airbnb for a while & right when I got comfortable, I put Airbnb gift cards on my account. Airbnb then deactivated my account without telling me anything except that it was because of “Criminal Backgrounds Match” and said “We cannot explain why”. I don’t even know what that means. What criminal backgrounds match if I don’t have a criminal record? So my account has been deactivated right after I put almost a thousand dollars in Airbnb gift cards on my account. They’ve promised me my money back countless times but never made one attempt to pay me my money back. They have no customer service person you can talk to concerning real technical issues. Instead you have to wait on a mystery department to email you with no outline of when the emails will come. They basically tell you (the customer), (the person who’s money they have) that there’s nothing you can do but wait on month apart emails from Airbnb’s mystery department (which almost never comes). The customer service they do provide can’t do anything but forward your problem to the mystery department. They are very rude and will hang up in your face once they feel they’ve got their point across. I don’t have my money back because Airbnb does not want to give me my money back. Anyone thinking of using this app, do not use it unless your willing to lose the money you put on here. It’s really a gamble. There are a few more apps on here that provide housing services but are way more professional and functional.


This is for Airbnb and not the app which works fine. I submitted an honest review of my host and it does not show up in the profile. I have read numerous others reviews aren’t showing up either. This makes me question ever using them again if you don’t get to see all the reviews. How would you know what your actually getting yourself into? Very unprofessional and non transparent. Also, there is literally no way to contact Airbnb. They always send you to automated questions and answers. Very frustrating!

App frozen

Version 18.32 has just frozen in the middle of download. Can’t open, delete or do anything with it at the moment.

Invite a guest

What is this prompt for? If I invite a guest via this prompt does this mean Airbnb sends an email to the guest that I’m already taking and would like to surprise?

Great app, but lacking features from the website

I always use AirBnb on my mobile, but I recently realized it lacks important features that the website offers: 1. In the message window, when you’re prompt to leave a review for a guest, it doesn’t show you how long you have left to write it (unless you tap on the button and start the review process). This way I missed a deadline for a review and I was quite upset about it. 2. When a host leaves a review for you, the mobile app doesn’t show you that you can respond (on the website you have 48 hours to respond). I recently had an annoying experience with a host where he told me privately we were amazing guests, and I after I pointed out one downside in my otherwise great review, he left a bad review of me saying he couldn’t recommend me as a guest. Had the app showed me a “respond” button like it does on the website, I would have publicly copied and pasted his message where he wrote we were great guests. I like the app, it’s worked well so far, but I’m wondering how many other features it lacks that the website app offers.

Trusting and trustworthy

This is my 4th year as an Airbnb hostess. I’ve met THE nicest people and had some great conversations with people from all over the world. I appreciate the review and verification system Airbnb has in place because it always helps me in evaluating who to let into my home. Plus the rating system also lets guests know that I’m trustworthy too. Great reciprocal system. A bunch of us had to stand up to our township when some other Airbnb hosts didn’t monitor their guests and almost ruined the opportunity for all of us. We eventually got the government to create a policy that was Airbnb friendly. You may have to do the same. It’s worth it. Meeting great folks and earning income that helps me stay in my home are both important to me. I love Airbnb and am so appreciative of the opportunity. Thanks Airbnb!!

Poor connection

This Airbnb app barely ever works. Extremely frustrating- I have to do everything through a web browser.

00% el Precio es accesible y razonable.

Les encantara, pase Unas Exelentes Vacaciones en compañía de Mi Familia en este hermoso Lugar en el mes de Febrero 2018. El Sr Julio es súper Amable Respetuoso Y de muy buen sentido del Humor El lugar estaba súper Limpio y trankilo Me encanto. Lo recomiendo 100%

Amazing Airbnb

I love the options one has and prices! Makes it affordable to travel!

Booking experience.

Not sure why but this is the MOST problematic website I’ve ever used for a vacation rental.

Amazing and friendly!

I rode my motorcycle from LA and broke down along the way, putting my arrival back several hours. Melissa was kind and accommodating and worked everything out, stress-free! The house and room was terrific, clean, and very friendly. I had a wonderful stay! Thanks, Melissa and co!

Best app ever

I love you airbnb!!!

Great App !

Have used it in 8 different countries I have visited and appts and host have always been great, no problems so far ! Love this App

Customer Service

App overall is good. Easy to use and manage. The customer service is terrible. I had 2 different reps tell me 2 different things on how to handle something and the lack of information regarding payment and plans causes great confusion.

Pretty user friendly

Wish it had a map feature


Plain & Simple. 10 Stars!!

Great stay

Lovely place to stay for a night. I would definitely stay again sometime if I’m in the area!

Keys LaniKai Retreat

This is fantastic and we love Airbnb thinking of buying another property in North Carolina to share with our guest a Dream house with a brook and near Lindville Gorge.

Great app for local immersion

I’m not sure if this app will ever kill the hotel industry, but it certainly will show some much-needed competition. The opportunities to feel less like a tourist and more like a part of the local culture are extensive through AirBnb and I would recommend to anyone who wants to truly experience another area.

App great, sometimes quits

I have 4 properties and it's easy to view all and see how bookings, issues, and reviews are done. However, sometimes the app just quits or won't turn on. Also, it may not save my reviews and I have to retype. I know it's a big site and it might not be able to handle everything at once. However, the good majority of the time it works seamlessly.

Easy to use

We just booked our first place to stay today. The booking was easy to do and the efficiency of the app is great! Even my grandma could use it with ease and she hate technology.

First experience

Great to use a little overwhelming at First so many choices and location within the area I was looking. But narrowed it down pictures helped and notification kept looking. Great first experience

Convenient and easy to use

It’s nice to have the reviews to see how others experienced a place. It gives you so many more options than trying to find a hotel. My experiences so far have been all positive.

Better on Apple...

I’ve been hosting with Airbnb for over four years now. And until recently I was using an android phone Samsung Note 3 to do that. Well the app seems to be working seamlessly on my new iPhone, I find both the website and the android app particularly clunky. I know other Hosts with non-Samsung Android phones and their app hardly works at all. It’s very slow to load, it doesn’t load pages, it freezes and drops. Because the app is essential to the ability to maintain business in one’s home it’s particularly aggravating that they can’t make it work better. However, since I’ve gone to the iPhone, I find that the Airbnb app works much better on this platform! It’s switches between pages relatively quickly, it loads fully, & I probably haven’t had it freeze up yet. Maybe once due to Internet connectivity issues. So, for the APPLE STORE, I give it 4 STARS! But Airbnb, please recognize that probably more than half of your hosts worldwide are using Android. You really really need to put some resources into making the Android app work better - even at the cost of loosing fancy graphics and visuals... just make it WORK. please?

Horrible customer service!

The very first time I tried to use Air my bank marked the charge as fraud and denied the charge. I told them I would fix it and they said they would send me an email to reset my account. They lied because the email said I was permanently banned! Customer service gives me the run around saying they’re going to transfer me to the rite department and they only communicate via email, which is on purpose so they don’t have to deal with anyone personally. I’ve read multiple stories where they ban people for nothing because they felt like it and do t ever explain why!

Airbnb Rocks!!!!!

I will use Airbnb anywhere in the world!!!!!

Clean bed, hot shower

I needed a place to sleep and clean up for the night. Mireya’s place work out perfect. Great value for the money.

Much better than expected

These folks are a class act. As a business consultant I’m amazed at how well the business is run. The few times I’ve needed help by phone has been excellent. So glad they offer this travel service.

Mixed bag

Airbnb creates a popular platform for potential hosts and guests to meet. It is unfortunate that the the web site platform and rules change frequently, for example cancellation policies. The managers do not trust their users to share direct contact info until after booking making conversation more burdensome than need be. The various functions available on the web site are more difficult to access than other booking platforms. The quality of customer service once you find it can be uneven, sometimes very good and other times barely adequate. The user base on this platform is uneven as well for both guests and hosts but has improved greatly over the past 10 years.

Making Memories

Had a wonderful time! More than met our families expectations!


I am requesting upfront payment after a day Of Guest Stay , lately I observed it will take days for the payments to arrive .

Great app, one thing would make it better!

It’s fairly easy to navigate and pretty much has everything you need. My only gripe is that I wish there were video walkthroughs of the houses. Some listings can be a bit misleading so a video would most likely clear that up.

Better than...

Cake jk, better than VRBO. Here you get what you see.


Airbnb customer service is excellent. I highly recommend that guests and hosts contact Customer Service anytime they might need help.

Cuando todo va bien genial, cuando algo sale más pésimo.

Ver que alguien solo se lleva dinero por conectar personas y solo hace más cara una estancia, no me gusto. En esta ocasión que lo use, hubo un par de temas por lo cual me quería salir del departamento y el único que paga es el pobre del anfitrión, ustedes no respaldan nada, ni ayudan en nada. Deberían de respaldar al anfitrión con parte de la ayuda o descuento que ofrece por alguna situación. Por eso digo que cuando todo sale bien es genial, pero cuando no, realmente airbnb no sirve o ayuda en nada.

Super service.

Love airbnb.

Not so good

The app only works well When u have really good internet. It freeze a lot and can’t edit things on your phone.

Tough to complete the booking

The service is obviously useful but it took us an hour the complete the booking because of the way the website is designed. We are travelers and use on- line every time but this experience was extraordinary.


Best way to enjoy travel!

Set up needs work

Tried for too long to set up and verify my account. Half of the links were dead, couldn't take a photo with my camera, and uploading a photo would not work. When I went to book a spot, it required more info but wouldn't tell me what was needed.


Air B&B makes everything so easy. We appreciate their web site because it is extremely thorough simple to use. Their software is very user friendly.


I signed up to use Airbnb through the app and made a reservation for a house. The app gave me the option of paying half and later on to pay the other half. Unfortunately, my card expired (and I never even realized it) before the 2nd payment went through and “the system” canceled my reservation. I was never contacted by the host or Airbnb. They only sent email that I never got. So, one week before my trip, I called the owner and was told they were KEEPING MY MONEY because of cancelation policies and I had no place to stay. After many days of fighting with the “account managers”, I got “some” money back from the home owner BUT NOT FROM AIRBNB. At the end I had to book another place that was much more expensive and spent twice as much. I honestly expected much more from Airbnb.

Highly satisfied owner

ABB has brought exceptional guests and exceeded expectations. Not a problem in over a year since we listed with them. High level of confidence and satisfaction.

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